Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Journey

With all my friends updating their blog, I have finally decided to update mine as well. That also means I am going to need a new background because the one I currently have is from Halloween. Anyway, I am just writing a quick update because I have to get up early tomorrow morning, but I am hoping that I can use this blog to track my journey to become a healthier as well as more spiritual me. It is hard, and life has been really rough on me, but I feel like with the support of friends and others knowing what is really going on. I also have another blog on the website I am using to help with the healthy part of my journey. It is on If you sign up for the website, my username is jugglerchic so that you can say I referred you and we will automatically become friends on there. It is a great website with a wonderful community and I highly suggest checking it out! I will hopefully transfer some stuff from that blog to here since I do update it more often, but if not you can always join that site and read it on there. The site has earned the nickname the facebook of dieting! Anyway, here's to the new year and a new me! Cheers! :)